How green are your machines?

Smart businesses today are doing everything they can to minimise their environmental impact and become more ‘green’, but when it comes to creating visibility, that isn’t always possible. Now that the performance issues have been raised on the impact side of things, leading wrap manufacturer 3M has addressed this equally important issue.

A new line of wraps, called Envision™, is more sustainably manufactured with 60% less solvent, without compromising on visual impact. These wraps use bio-based materials and are:

• high performance non-PVC
• phthalate-free
• made without added chlorine or other halogens.

Previous incarnations – cast vinyl wraps – required the use of environmentally harmful solvents. Because the material used for Envision™ products is high performance non-PVC polymer, it requires 60% less solvent.

We know that our clients appreciate being able to add an environmental reinforcing message to their promotional campaigns and this is a trend that looks set to continue, as other brands have also begun to roll out less harmful products. And as the market leaders continue to improve their offer, we’ll continue to apply it to exacting specifications.

These wraps can be applied to all kinds of surfaces, so visit our sister site to find out more about our signage work.