More than just a pretty face

A single vehicle wrap gets an estimated 30,000 – 70,000 views a day – more in densely populated areas. That makes vehicle wraps one of the most cost effective forms of advertising available.

Wraps are seen as unique and innovative by the public because they are relatively new. The mobility and constant use of a vehicle leads to a natural widespread brand awareness thanks to daily visibility and advances in technology mean that the finished results are incredibly high quality. Consequently, vehicle wraps return the lowest cost per thousand impressions of any outdoor advertising.

Other US surveys have shown that vehicle wraps and TV ads are the most memorable visual media for advertising, yet a vehicle wrap costs a fraction of the price of a TV ad to produce. Even better, the only limit on a vehicle wrap is your creativity. Here’s a look at what three of our clients chose to do with their wraps:

A need from Speed
Industry-leading wrap manufacturers 3M™ asked us to showcase how much of an impact their wraps can make at one of the UK’s most high profile annual automotive events: the Goodwood Festival of Speed. We fully wrapped xx vehicles with xxx in x days, working closely with the 3M™ team every step of the way.

Full frontal
Word of mouth spreads fast. Based on a recommendation from another satisfied client, a team of xx of our wrap experts flew out to Monaco to meet with three luxury car enthusiasts. We spent xx days underground transforming the look of their Lamborghinis with a full colour change.

Heineken scores at the UEFA Cup Final

It took us five days, 14 men and 72 days planning to wrap 22 coaches in preparation for one of the most important promotional opportunities of the calendar year for Heineken.

Vehicles aren’t the only things that can be wrapped. Other surfaces ideal for wrapping bus shelters, containers, signs, floors, walls, and freestanding booths. Take a look at our sister site for more details.