The Process

Transforming the look of your vehicle or fleet with a vinyl wrap has never been a more attractive investment.

The latest vehicle wrapping product developments are revolutionising the quality and choice available to luxury car enthusiasts, leading brands and smaller business owners alike, and are better for the environment than they have been in the past.

Vehicle Wraps:

  • are a highly effective form of advertising: research by industry leader 3M™ shows that a busy vehicle can be seen by up to 3,000 people an hour. Vehicle advertising also reaches people in a way that most other forms of advertising does not, and it cannot be turned off or tuned out
  • can help protect your original paintwork from everyday wear and tear and UV damage (and can be removed without damaging the original paintwork)
  • are versatile and can be applied to all vehicles
  • allow owners and drivers to preserve market value by purchasing in a popular colour and temporarily changing it

Please note: the DVLA does not need to be informed if you have your vehicle wrapped, but we recommend that you update your insurers.

Design and Artwork

  • We offer an extremely wide range of coloured and textured wrapping films – whether it’s for a full vehicle wrap or just the bonnet. Designing for vehicles requires specialist knowledge and our team of in-house designers is just as passionate about anything with wheels as our trained installers. If you wish to develop your own artwork, we can also supply you with scaled line drawings.
  • Myriad techniques are required to apply a vehicle wrap properly – which is one of the reasons why 3M™ endorses just a few workshops in the UK to apply its products. Materials, printing, lamination, temperature controls and skill are all factors. There is also an exciting array of specialist materials to consider and choose from. Below are the most common kinds of wrap. We work with every material available on the market, so please contact us to discuss your full range of options.

Here’s a breakdown of our typical vehicle wrapping process, which guarantees the highest quality workmanship and stunning impact.

Typical Process

  • Remove all the lights, door handles, trims and badges from the vehicle body
  • Clean with a specialist cleaner
  • All panel wraps are made from a single sheet to prevent join lines
  • Each body panel is wrapped individually, using ‘cast’ vinyl (other kinds of wrap will quickly deteriorate) and adhesive that stays on the vinyl and not the vehicle when it is removed
  • Car is carefully and expertly reassembled.

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