Color Changes

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For those who wish to drive something a little more special than standard, colour wraps are the perfect choice.

Owners can preserve the market value of their leased, luxury or business vehicle and protect its paintwork by retaining the original colour, while still benefiting from a customisation entirely to their preference. As well as preserving a vehicle’s original paintwork (which is a popular option for businesses that lease vehicles), a full vehicle wrap will completely cover scruffy paintwork, with ‘as new’ finished results.

Vehicle vinyl wraps are available in matt or gloss finish. Our vinyl wraps come in solid block colours, or can be printed with bespoke artwork. Matt finish wraps are gaining in popularity because they create a completely different look to every other vehicle on the road. Committed wrappers have even been known to use a matte metallic finish on the body of their vehicle and a gloss wrap on the trims.

Applied correctly, colour change vehicle wraps will last for several years and have a paint like finish. There are hundreds of vinyl wrap colour options available to review at our workshop. Alternatively, contact us and we can arrange to email you the options you are interested in.